Lehman Brothers and the 2008 Financial Panic: Learning the Right Lessons

September 20, 2018 – Robert Murphy …… In the wake of Lehman’s collapse, a familiar refrain from government officials, academics, the news media, and even Hollywood served to cement the “lessons” that deregulation and greed were the main causes of the financial crisis, while bold political intervention spared Americans from another Great Depression (the last time policymakers allegedly stood back and did nothing). There’s just one problem with this narrative: Every single element of it is false. Continue reading →

Polarizing Ideology

September 7, 2018 – Randall Holcombe …… With polarization has come intolerance: people abandon their friends and family when they seem to have the wrong political views. Continue reading →

Suicide by Politics

August 28, 2018 – Jacob Hornberger …… Mexican politicians and candidates tend to die if they attempt to shut down the drug cartels. Solution: Legalize drugs. Continue reading →