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Federal Ethics Commissioner says Justin Trudeau Violated the Conflict of Interest Act

January 10, 2018 – Lee Friday …… According to the Postmedia Network, this is the first time a sitting PM has been found to have broken a federal statute while in office. However, this is nothing more than a minor symptom of a much bigger problem, namely, the overwhelming conflict-of-interest which defines the entire relationship between the rulers and the ruled – which the mainstream media NEVER talks about! Continue reading →

New cars are too expensive, by at least threefold. You can thank the government for that.

February 16, 2017 – Lee Friday …… Government regulations require cars to have numerous safety features. These are not options, they are mandatory. This substantially increases the cost of a car, the cost of repairs, and the cost of insurance. There would be much less demand for car loans if the cars were not so darned expensive. Who are the real beneficiaries of these regulations? Continue reading →