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The Failures of Federal Race-Based Paternalism

September 21, 2020 – Lipton Matthews …… While the Left believes itself to be the friend of the downtrodden, the fact is that the Left supports policies that hinder countless Americans of all backgrounds in attaining economic success for themselves and their families. Continue reading →

Human Diversity and Individual Instruction

September 7, 2020 – Murray N. Rothbard …… One of the worst injustices committed by states is the prevention of parental teaching of their own children. Parental instruction conforms to the ideal arrangement. It is, after all, individualized instruction. Continue reading →

Bigoted Cops and the Drug War

June 13, 2020 – Jacob G. Hornberger …… If Americans want to diminish racial bigotry in police departments across the country, the best way to start is by legalizing drugs, all of them. That would bring an end to the legal opportunity that bigoted cops have in the enforcement of drug laws against blacks. Continue reading →