20-year-old man attacks 77-year-old man

Lee Friday – March 21, 2017

At about 8:00 pm on the night of February 28th, 20-year-old Sedrick Jemison broke into a house. According to the Foley, Alabama Police Department, the 77-year-old male homeowner was awakened by a loud crash, followed by a pick-axe coming through his bedroom door. The young man, wearing a black bandana, charged toward the old man, who then fired his pistol, instantly killing Jemison. Thankfully – because you never know these days – “There are no charges against the homeowner as this appears to be a case of self-defense.”

According to al.com news, two accomplices have been arrested. Police said one of them was the getaway driver, while the other “acted in a planning and oversight capacity while the crime was being committed.” You read that right, “planning and oversight.” Seems to me like zero planning and a major oversight. These two could face charges of felony murder.

Good for the old man. He was prepared. Such stories are common – good people defending themselves with guns – but rarely reported by the national news media, which is largely comprised of leftist self-righteous gun haters.

Guns don’t kill people. Someone has to pull the trigger. People kill people. The gun is just a tool, and people are killed with all sorts of tools – guns, knives, rocks, poison, bombs, BIG bombs (who does that?), baseball bats, arrows, spears, etc. A lot of people have been killed with a clenched fist. Should we ban fists, cut off everyone’s hands?

Guns in the hands of good people are of no concern, except to the bad guys. For the old, the weak, and for all good people, guns even the odds.

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