Two armed home invaders tie up a couple, then spend three hours robbing their house

Lee Friday – April 6, 2017

As reported by various local news outlets (see here, here, and here), on Sunday March 12th, in Henderson County, Texas, two men (Steven Kelley, 49, and Cecil Spain, 31), under the guise of purchasing a dog, arrived at a home occupied by a man and woman, yet to be identified.

“According to the Sheriff’s Office, one of the men had posed as a potential customer for a dog the man and woman were selling through social media and gained access into the Hopson Drive house. The second man entered later, undetected by the couple.”

Kelley and Spain were both armed with handguns. They overpowered the couple and restrained them with zip ties. However, these two bad dudes were not very good at tying people up. Furthermore, it apparently did not occur to either one of them that maybe they should keep a careful watch over their two captives.

One, or both, of the victims managed to get free of their restraints, and when the two robbers were inattentive, snuck away to retrieve their own gun, then shot and killed both robbers.

The couple suffered only minor injuries. Henderson County Sheriff Botie Hillhouse said this appears to be a case of self-defense, and “It was a home invasion and attempted robbery that went very bad.” I agree it went very bad for Kelley and Spain, but it went very well for the couple, though I suspect they are pretty shaken up.

I have said it before and I will say it again. If bad guys want guns, they will get them, regardless of the government’s gun laws. You see, because they are bad guys, they don’t obey the laws!

However, gun laws dissuade many law-abiding citizens from acquiring guns. If these laws were repealed, crime rates would drop significantly, because bad people would know a lot of good people are armed.

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