No, It Was Not “Morally Wrong” for a Fan to Keep the Baseball from Pujols’s 2,000th RBI

David Henderson – May 15, 2019

I don’t play this game so I can pay fans so they can give me, you know… He can have that piece of history, its for the fans that we play for too. He has the right to keep it, the ball went in the stands so I would never fight anybody to give anything back.

This is a quote from baseball great Albert Pujols. Pujols, a Los Angeles Angel hitter, hit a long home run in Detroit. What made it special is that it was his 2,000th RBI.

A Detroit fan named Ely Hydes corralled the ball and when the security team asked him with, according to Hydes, a pretty nasty tone, to give the ball to them so that they could give it to Pujols, he refused. They did offer him money. In an interview later with a Detroit radio station, he said that he was trying to decide whether to give the ball to his brother, his father, or Pujols. Later, he said, he was thinking of selling it to provide for the baby that’s on the way. But, he said, the nasty treatment he got from the Detroit Tiger officials caused him to get his back up. He objected to being given an ultimatum with virtually no time to decide. A law student, he said that you don’t take the offer right away – you think about it.

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