Students and parents blindsided by government bus policy

May 23, 2017 – Lee Friday …… Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services (STS) is the government agency responsible for “coordination” of school bussing. But they are not “coordinating” with those who are most dependent on the service i.e. the students and parents who are upset with the new government policy. Continue reading →

A politically incorrect critique of The Report From The Mayor’s Advisory Panel On Poverty

April 12, 2017 – Lee Friday …… One-sided reporting in numerous London Free Press articles seems designed to evoke sympathy for the less fortunate, and hence – drum roll please – support for, or at least minimal resistance to, MORE government welfare programs. I have grown weary of these articles, and since we are already taxed up to our eyeballs and in debt over our heads, let us explore a different point of view. And maybe, just maybe, we can readjust our thinking. Continue reading →