A politically incorrect critique of The Report From The Mayor’s Advisory Panel On Poverty

April 12, 2017 – Lee Friday …… One-sided reporting in numerous London Free Press articles seems designed to evoke sympathy for the less fortunate, and hence – drum roll please – support for, or at least minimal resistance to, MORE government welfare programs. I have grown weary of these articles, and since we are already taxed up to our eyeballs and in debt over our heads, let us explore a different point of view. And maybe, just maybe, we can readjust our thinking. Continue reading →

Ontario’s escalating hydro costs under the Wynne government

March 17, 2017 – Lee Friday …… A recent opinion poll suggests Kathleen Wynne’s majority Liberal government will suffer a crushing defeat in the 2018 provincial election. Opinions may change, but if the Liberals lose, should we be satisfied that they have been held sufficiently accountable for the significant increase in hydro costs on their watch? Continue reading →