Video: Six Purposes for America’s Government Schools (Harvard, 1917)

August 13, 2020 – Gary North …… “Government schooling is the most radical adventure in history. It kills the family by monopolizing the best times of childhood. Mandatory education serves children only incidentally; its real purpose is to turn them into servants. Don’t let your own have their childhoods extended, not even for a day.” ….. John Taylor Gatto, New York City teacher of the year in 1989, 1990, 1991 and New York State teacher of the year in 1991. Continue reading →

From Lockdowns to “The Great Reset”

August 3, 2020 – Antony P. Mueller …… The global “elites” of the World Economic Forum seek a “Great Reset” that will usher in a new and far more powerful technocracy defined by central planning and the end of freedom as we know it. Continue reading →