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Capitalism, properly understood

A Basic Principle about Trade

December 3, 2017 – Jacob Hornberger …… To the extent that government laws, rules, and regulations interfere with people’s freedom to trade with others, to that extent government is reducing people’s standard of living. It’s making them poorer. Continue reading →

Our ancestors escaped crippling poverty because of Capitalism

November 13, 2017 – Richard Ebeling …… The free enterprise, or capitalist, system has done more to improve the material condition of humanity than any other economic arrangement in all of recorded history. Yet, “Capitalism” is constantly condemned and accused of being the cause of humanity’s woes, while in reality, nothing is further from the truth. Continue reading →

What Is “Capitalism” Anyway?

November 3, 2017 – Richard Ebeling …… Inequality. Discrimination. Racism. Poverty. Environmental degradation. Worker exploitation. These are just a few of the problems for which capitalism is often (incorrectly) blamed. We need to define the term “capitalism” – what it is, and what it is not. Continue reading →

Capitalism is the moral high road

September 5, 2017 – Richard Ebeling …… Free market capitalism is the ethical high road to human dignity and mutual prosperity. However, we live at a time in which capitalism is stymied in almost every direction by the heavy hand of government control. Continue reading →